The Poop Coffee: Our Ethical Commitment to Wild Kopi Luwak

by Ankit Jagannath on Jun 02, 2024

The Poop Coffee: Our Ethical Commitment to Wild Kopi Luwak

At The Poop Coffee, we're intimately aware of the concerns surrounding the kopi luwak industry and the welfare of civets. Our goal is to address these concerns head-on, emphasising our unwavering commitment to humane and ethical practices.

A Stand Against Animal Abuse

One of the most pressing issues raised pertains to the unethical treatment of civets in the production of kopi luwak. The saddening tales of civets trapped, caged, starved, and force-fed coffee cherries for the sake of luxury coffee production have prompted us to take a strong stance.

Such practices go against everything we stand for.

We believe in the humane treatment of all animals and are adamantly against the use of snares, captivity, and force-feeding.

Our Ethical Sourcing Practices

The Poop Coffee has set a precedent for ethical conduct within the industry. We source our kopi luwak from trusted farms that adhere strictly to ethical practices, ensuring that:

  • No civets are held in captivity.
    Our suppliers do not cage civets; instead, they collect beans from civets who have consumed coffee cherries in the wild.
  • Coffee beans are collected respectfully.
    Our team gathers beans from areas where wild civets naturally deposit them. This non-intrusive process ensures civets are not distressed or harmed.
  • Our farms are situated near civets' natural habitats.
    This facilitates the civets' natural nocturnal activities, allowing them to pick and consume coffee cherries without human interference.

Commitment to Transparency and Quality

We understand the importance of trust and transparency in our practices. Our commitment to quality encompasses not only the ethical treatment of animals but also the meticulous processing of our coffee. After collection, the kopi luwak beans undergo a rigorous cleaning, drying, and roasting process. This ensures compliance with stringent food-grade standards and biosecurity protocols, guaranteeing safe and enjoyable product.

Advocacy and Improvement

Our dialogue with the broader community has reinforced the need for ongoing advocacy and improvement. We are:

  • Actively supporting campaigns against caged Kopi Luwak production.
    We champion the efforts of animal rights activists and organisations like World Animal Protection.
  • Calling for stronger certification standards.
    We advocate for strict guidelines and ongoing inspections to prevent the mistreatment of civets and misleading "wild" claims.

Engaging with our customers and critics.
Feedback is invaluable. Whether it’s concerns about animal welfare or suggestions for better practices, we always listen and eager to discuss how we can further enhance our ethical approach.

Looking Forward

The Poop Coffee is dedicated to creating a more ethical kopi luwak industry, one where the welfare of Civets and the quality of our coffee are held in the highest regard. We are committed to a journey of continuous improvement, always exploring ways to refine our practices and uphold the highest ethical standards.

Our profound appreciation goes to those whose passionate advocacy creates a platform for meaningful dialogue and change. Together, let's foster a culture that cherishes not just the unique flavour of kopi luwak but also the ethical and humane treatment of all beings involved.

Thank you for your support and dedication to ethical consumption. Let’s savour our coffee knowing it’s sourced with care, respect, and responsibility.

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