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收藏: Coffee Accessories

Coffee Accessories

Brewing the perfect cup of Kopi Luwak deserves the right accessories. At ThePoopCoffee, we offer a range of kits, equipment, and accessories specially designed to help you get the most flavor and aroma out of our rare beans.

Our barista-approved coffee kits come with everything you need to achieve café quality Kopi Luwak at home. Each set contains a burr grinder for consistent grounds, scale for precise bean-to-water ratios, gooseneck kettle for controlled pouring, and even pour over stands and drippers. With ThePoopCoffee accessories, you'll have professional-level control over every step of the brewing process.

Or, choose from our wide selection of individual accessories to customize your own ultimate brewing station. Find burr grinders in different sizes, ranging from compact manual ones to electric grinders with grind size adjustability. Complement with a pouring kettle, coffee scoop, or digital kitchen scale. For best extraction, we recommend a pour over dripper or French press. Shop specialty mugs and cups to experience the full aroma of each sip.

With the right coffee accessories from ThePoopCoffee, you can easily brew cafe-quality Kopi Luwak at home. The perfect grind, water temperature, brew time, and vessel can make all the difference. Give our exotic beans the accessory treatment they deserve - shop now!
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  • V60陶瓷咖啡滴头
    Thepoopcoffee - Kopi Luwak Coffee - Accessories - Ceramic v60 Dripper